Just got home from our Monday practice of tetada kalimasada, and thought of writing about it. The 2-hour session usually energizes Girlie and myself, and we stay up a bit before going to deep sleep.

Tetada is shorthand for terapi tanaga dalam, Bahasa Indonesian for inner-energy therapy. The precise meaning and origin of the word kalimasada is disputed. It can be a Balinese word or the name of the prince’s sword in the Javanese Mahabharata.

Kalimasada started 500 years ago in Surabaya, East Java. It was the exclusive practice of one family, but in 1991 they decided to share it to the wider public. Pak Eddy Surohadi and his wife Ibu Ida made the decision, and currently lead the dissemination of tetada kalimasada, TK for short.

Girlie and I took up TK in July 2004, and have experienced its benefits. We have more energy in our daily work-life, and we are less prone to the minor ailments that come with getting older and sedentary. Girlie attributes her relief from hot flushes to TK. Those with more advanced practice can do self-healing and also heal others.

Focus on healing

Although TK has its roots in one school of Indonesian martial arts or pencat silat, the practice introduced in the Philippines focuses on its healing effects. Like other Oriental practices, TK is a combination of breathing techniques, movements (called jurus), and meditation (called tafakur). The emphasis is on “practice.”

The breathing technique of TK is called “triangular breathing.” The first time I heard this, I wondered what complicated technique is involved. It turned out to be simple. The first side of the triangle is the inhalation – slow and steady, and diaphragmatic. The second side is the slow, steady exhalation. What completes the bottom of the triangle comes after the inhalation. We “press and hold” our breath.

We start our regular kalimasada sessions with triangular breathing, while sitting in lotus position. We call this duduk nafas. As beginners we had only 8 counts inhalation and 8 counts exhalation, plus 15 counts of pressing and holding our breath. Later, we did the full 15-count inhalation and exhalation and the 33-count press and hold.

The same triangular breathing applies to the movements or jurus. We press and hold our breath while doing the movements that can take as long as 45 to 54 counts. That is why kalimasada exercises are called “anaerobic.” The breathing technique is easier to understand than to practice. Even after three years, I still find it hard to hold my breath until the end of each the nine jurus.

A fellow practicioner who looked my age, but turned out to be more than a decade older, attributes his appearance to this breathing technique. He says that when we press and hold our breath, the body starves for oxygen and extracts whatever it can from the bloodstream, including the free radicals. Hence the blood gets renewed more vigorously and more frequently.

After doing the different jurus, we end with a special kunchi movement that locks in the energy we have generated. We sit again for a closing duduk nafas, followed by a 10 minute meditation, called tafakur, where we direct our energy to different parts of our body.

Emptying the mind, directing the flow

Our Indonesian teachers emphasize that tetada kalimasada is not about harnessing some mysterious or mystical force. It is about tapping the potential of our bodies and minds through breathing, movement, and meditation. The breathing and movements generate energies and we train our minds to concentrate them and direct their flow.

When I started to do the tafakur, I found it difficult to follow the instructions – just intent my energy to my hands and then empty my mind. Too many ideas and images rushed in and out to distract me. I tried keeping count of my breathing, but that didn’t work either.

Since I couldn’t prevent thoughts from intruding, I tried a transition strategy of organizing my thoughts during the tafakur. I started by thinking of the people who are in my “circle of concern” – my family, friends, communities and comrades, and offered prayers for them. Later, I shifted to prayers of thanksgiving for people who are blessings in my life.

Slowly, I managed to still my mind.

I still remember the sense of wonder at feeling the energy welling out of my palms. Later, Girlie and I practiced projecting our energy and sensing energies around us.

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  1. bohol goodwill volunteers

    dear sir ed,

    we have heard about kalimasada, but we were told we need to pay forty thousand pesos to enrol? is that true? how can we bring kalimasada to bohol? is it that expensive?

    bohol goodwill volunteers

    “for the dead, a monument; for living, a movement”. great!

  2. edicio

    the main requirement for starting a tetada kalimasada group is to have an authorized teacher called pelatih, or at least an assistant pelatih.

    in the group i am part of, the standard fee is 500 for joining, and 500 a month for two sessions per week (or a total of 8 sessions). others may have other policies, but as far as i know, the spirit is to promote kalimasada and not really make money out of it. it’s possible that some groups may agree to pay more either because the pelatih needs more or because they can afford more. but 40T to start it in bohol is i think exorbitant. hindi naman ito franchising.

    the problem is how to get a pelatih who can be available at least twice a week. maybe someone in cebu. the beginner’s stage (perdana) needs 10 sessions that average 2 hours per session.

    wala namang problema, once you learn the basics, to practice on your own. but like any discipline, it is advisable to have a tutor so that you can do it right and get the full benefit.

    if your group is really interested, email me your address and i will ask the TK leaders who may be available, perhaps initially for an orientation.

  3. narsim

    You can contact Warlito Lim in Cebu. He travels to the various island to propagate TKm presently at davao alot, though his home is at Cebu. his number 32 414 9420. its not about money with him

  4. juliet a. virtusio

    Dear Ed,.

    I ran into your article when I was doing my research on kalimasada. My brother, Gil is also a Kalimasada practisioner. He is currently doing Kalimasada healing session to my mother.
    Do you know any body in Vancouver area who practices kalimasada?

    Regards to Girlie!

  5. Justin Bayani

    Good day pak ed!

    im pak justin and a member of TK philippines im a dasar level student but i stopped because of studies, and now i want to enroll again and to be part of the family again, how would i enroll and where?thank u!!!

  6. Chris Celis

    Dear Ed,

    I am interested in learning Tetada Kalimasada. I’ll be in the Philippines in November for about 2 weeks. I hope to learn the fundamentals so I could practice on my own here in Sacramento, CA. Do you have any recommended teachers? Do you know of any teachers around the Sacramento area? Thank you for your assistance.

    Chris Celis

  7. Dan G

    You can email Ollie Jumao-as(ollie@mansys.ph). Pak Ollie trained several people in the Northern California area (San Fran and Sacramento). He also trained several of us here in Southern California in 2007. In fact 3 of us from L. A. will be attending the Latnas2009 at Palu, Indonesia August 8-14,2009.

  8. Iza

    hi, i’m heard about kalimasada two years ago but that time i live in the province. This month i’ll be relocating in manila (makati area). Could you please refer a center or teacher for beginners? thanks

  9. Ted Martin Hermosisima

    I tried calling Mr. Warlito Lim at the number given above (32 414 9420) pero walang sumasagot. Please help. :)

    • arlidin

      Prabhu Vaisnava or Warlito Lim’s cel no is 09232737914. I am his Kalimasada student in Davao.

  10. Dan G

    Ted Martin H., Chris Celis and Iza and the rest of the posters. Email Pak Ollie Jumao-as. He is the Center Head at Rizal Center. His email addy is : mansys@pldtdsl.net
    Pak Eddy Surohadi and Ibu Ida will be visiting the Philippines next week. They will be there for a “connection” on October 24, 2009. I’m sure he’ll be able to answer all your questions. You can mention my name to him in your correspondence. Dan G from Los Angeles, CA

  11. RLC Jacinto


    I’ve been wanting to join your group, since watching in Rey Langit’s TV show, but I can’t find in the internet on how to join your group? Could you please refer a center for beginners near UP?


  12. jenny

    I used to practice Kalimasada in Surabaya 20 years ago. But then I moved and can’t find the practice anywhere around here.

    I would like to practice it again but I just don’t remember the movements. I remember the breathing principle, but not the movements.

    And also for each movements (jurus), how many times do we do it while holding our breath at one time? Is it like 49 movements for each hold??

    I am actually looking for a practice DVD so I can do it at home. I wonder if you know where I can find one??

  13. alvin paraiso

    Dear Pak Ed,
    Salam kalimasada!! I am Alvin Paraiso I was a student before in kalimasada… one of the member of the core group I am presently working here in Qatar and I plan to continue the next stages of my training that I left behind I plan to take it during my vacation next year from work.I would like to inquire for the email or contact person for the nearest school in Manila
    Please give my regards to Pak Leo Villarosa.

    my email address is : rockyland2003@yahoo.com

  14. Jong de la Serna

    Kalimasada is a good technique not just for healing but also for discovering other wisdom and mysteries in life. I became so interested with it because it confirms some my doctrinal beliefs thereby answering some of my fundamental questions in life. It is a good mental training and self-control. It amplifies your existing skills and abilities.

  15. John Jester Ching

    Hello greetings to all! Any teacher I can contact? I am currently in Davao, your reply will be greatly appreciated! Pls email me at jeztah168@yahoo.com hoping to learn your art.

  16. chona villarosa

    this letter is for ibu ida. let me introduce myself, i am the younger sister of leo villarosa. i would like to make a query if ms. april miranda got in touch with you today.20april,2010. as you see, she has an outstanding warrant of arrest in lieu of theft charges. in plain language, she stole from our company more than half a million php. my main concern is that she was suppose to pay a certain amount of money today and she said or text me that she tried to borrow money from ibu ida. is this true. thanking you in advance

  17. Sylvia

    Thank you for this post. It’s very informative and helpful.
    Sometimes, I find it difficult to explain TK to people who are

    I will surely refer your site. :)

  18. Rachel Sabando


    Is there still TK here in Cebu? I used to attend in Baseline, Mango Ave., Cebu City with Pak Ahmad every Saturday.

    Anyone who can help me find some answers to these, please?


    +63 9335524348

  19. Daniel Johnson

    Hello this post is for anyone at all who can help me. I live in Florence, Montana (US) far outside any cities where Kalimasada is taught. I have been trying self instruct myself in energy work for many years with no tutor of any kind. My progress is slow and I often wonder if I am heading in the right direction. Is there anyone who knows of a downloadable resource for the self practice
    of Kalimasada? Thank you.

  20. Scott B.

    Hey Daniel,

    you can’t get far in kalimasada without a group to practice with. the practice is entirely dependent on meeting the grandmaster, who will only allow people to be taught the succeeding levels if he deems them worthy. if the grandmaster doesn’t “connect” your energy you won’t go up in levels.

  21. Dan G

    Mario, I don’t think there are any authorized instructor in the NY/NJ area. You may inquire from Pak Ollie(Ollie Jumao-as) who is the Head of one the training centers in Manila. He has direct contact with Ibu Ida who handles international training centers. His email is: ollie@mansys.ph

  22. noor

    Dear Friends and masters,

    its a long time that I am in search of an email address of a master in Indonesia, for training TK. as a matter of fact I am leaving in Iran and I like to learn TK. I have found some email address but none of them answer to me! I like to find a center that I could stay there for one or two weeks intensive training, and then coming back to my country up to next six month.
    I really will be appreciate if anyone help me,

    be happy,
    my email is portaldb at gmail

  23. Isabella

    Good day! Thank you so much for the post sir Ed! TK is really helping me harmonize myself with everything around me. Although I am a new student in the practice, I am certain this is doing so much good for my spiritual journey as well.

    After scrolling this post, I’ve come to notice alot of inquiries about where one can practice in Cebu. We have trainings with sir Warlito every Tuesdays and Thursdays in Talamban. If you want to know more you can drop me an email in izehbella@yahoo.com. It really is more beneficial learning in a group with proper instruction from the teacher. :) Have a blessed day!

    – Isabella

  24. Vicente Leonardo

    Hi Ed, I would like to ask about the TK group at the UP Vanguard building in Diliman, Quezon City and the rates for joining and membership, if any. Also, if TK really gives one health benefits and the ability to heal oneself aside from psychic abilities like scanning or breaking unbreakables, how is it that a 58 year old senior member of TK in QC died of illness?

  25. Concerned Practitioner

    To all that believes that the practice of Kalimasada (Inner Energy) is from the ancient legend of the book of Mahabaratta please research well, because the practice Tetada Kalimasada only started 1990. The Original Guru Besar is a certain Pak Asep Herwadi. Pak Eddy Suruhadi is a student of Pak Asep and when he bolted out of the original practice he was only in the first level of package 2. This is also the reason why the package 2 and 3 of Tetada is devised from many different inner energy books, I will not mention the books, but if you really want to get to the bottom of all this. Please do your own research and you will see how it was copied. As for the power of Pak Eddy it was passed on to him by Pak Asep Herwadi. As the younger brother of Pak Eddy, Pak Asep accommodated his request from my research, Pak Eddy was in an epileptic shock for 30 minutes when the power was passed onto him by the Pak Asep. I am just sharing what I have found out about Kalimasada from practitioners in Indonesia. And Tetada Kalimasada is presently not existing in Indonesia because they changed their name to Tetada Indonesia. The present practice of Pak Asep in Indonesia is named Piteda Pemusatan Kalimasada. It is up to you readers to decide whether to believe or not believe this research I have done for the past two years.

  26. Liz R.

    Anyone who knows a Kalimasada group in Davao? I’m interested to join again. I used to go to sessions 10 yrs ako.

    • arlidin

      Yes , there is a group currently practicing Kalimasada in Davao. You may contact me – 09328894831

  27. noel abragan

    i work in taguig and am very interested to join and learn tetada.where are you guys.help me find you…

    • arlidin

      Yes there is a group in Davap presently practicing Kalimasada. Kindly contact me 093298894831

  28. Fernando Nuguid

    I would like to joined TK in QC. Where is the nearest place, contact person & Telephone or CP No.

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