Just received the following invitation to the CCP art exhibit on martial law.

I like the use of pixelized photos. They symbolize what the organizers of the art exhibition are concerned about – the blurred images in the minds (and hearts) of the generation of Filipinos who were born after 1986.

Perhaps even for our generation that lived through those turbulent times. I must confess that I had to be reminded that 2012 is the 40th anniversary of the 1972 declaration of martial law.

How could I have forgotten?

Last year, I was very conscious about the 25th anniversary of EDSA 1986. In fact, I helped organize a group art exhibit about it. How could I forget Proclamation 1081 that imposed martial rule in 1972? The two are intimately connected, though the connections are more complex than what we read in the ritual commentaries.

Reading the sad news that Gabriel Garcia Marquez is suffering from senile dementia, I think of another connection.

For our EDSA@25 art exhibit last year, I appropriated and adapted a quote attributed to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, about remembering:

What is important is not what happened but what we remember about what happened.

What we choose to remember. How we choose to remember. With whom we choose to remember.

Thanks to the organizers of ReCOLLECTION 1081 for helping us remember.

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