Five years ago, on July 12, 2007, I posted by first blog.

This is my 437th blog post. I wish it were my 500th, so I could feel good for having written 100 blogs per year.

In fact, I’ve stopped blogging for almost two months, for no particular reason. Or probably because of Facebook, which allows me to update my status regularly. Before Facebook came, one reason I blogged regularly was to update family and friends.

A week before I turn 69, I promise myself to resume blogging, and  blog regularly.

Following the Rule of Five, I will post five short blogs tonight, to develop momentum.

Remembering La Liga

This morning, Ted Failon mentioned that it is the anniversary of La Liga Filipina, founded by Rizal on July 3, 1892.

How could I have forgotten? Thinking of La Liga, I remember Horacio Boy Morales Jr. who co-founded the “new” La Liga in 2000. Boy Morales and I were in government then, trying our best to push for reforms within the agencies we led, and linking our efforts with kindred spirits in government service.

We shared our realization about the limits of struggling for reforms within government, if we did not link it with those who struggled for reforms  from outside government. Both group of reformers are in the minority. We need to synergize, if we want to be effective.

That was our reason, then, for initiating the New La Liga.

It is still a valid reason, now.





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