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Barangay Ban-ao: Between Honesty and Hope

At the Ganito Tayo Noon reunion, I included in my   malong Timeline this poster, to represent one of our shared concerns with Girlie – the relief and rehabilitation work being done by our friends at the Balay Mindanaw group of NGOs. After assessing the needs and their capabilities, they decided to focus on one barangay,

Rebuilding our NationRenewing our spirit

Ganito Tayo Noon and Our Imagined Communities

The Bohol activists of the 70s who gathered at the reunion were an interesting and inspiring mix. I recall that they included a CA judge and a UP economist, a number of mayors and former mayors, priests and ex-priests, NGO workers and organic agriculturists, a banker and returning overseas professionals. In their brief speeches, both

Rebuilding our NationRenewing our spirit

Ganito Tayo Noon and Our Remembering Self

Six days have passed since we gathered for our Ganito Tayo Noon reunion. We have moved on since then, living our separate lives. But on Facebook, daily postings of photos and comments continue to connect us. Every time I scroll through these postings, I find some reason to smile. I usually call Girlie’s attention, and we

Rebuilding our NationRenewing our spirit

The Way We Were (2013)

Every year, on the first Saturday of January, at the Alpadi estate in Antipolo City, we gather for a day. It’s a reunion of activists, most of us from the national democratic revolutionary movement – color coded “Reds.” But it’s open to anyone who has taken part in any form of struggle against the martial