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7 Questions about the May Elections

12 days to go before the May 10 elections. The political temperature is heating up and rising higher than the summer weather. I have collected 7 questions that have come up in conversations among my circle of friends. Here they are, with some answers. 1.  Elections create expectations for change. What changes do people expect?

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Public Intellectuals and Politics: Part 2

Filipino intellectuals who are involved in partisan electoral politics can feel addressed by the comments of a philosophy professor in South Africa about ¬†intellectuals in relation to politics, and politicians. Bert Olivier teaches at the Nelson Mandela University. In one of his blog posts, he cites the publicly-known involvement of Cornel West as “adviser” during

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Public Intellectuals and Politics: Part 1

The article referred to me by Pancho Lara and Ed Tadem, “The Market Colonization of Intellectuals,” and the comments from readers on the blog posting, made me think back to my past readings and reflections about public intellectuals and politics. The reference in the article to Jean-Paul Sartre reminded me of Franz Fanon’s The Wretched

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A Message to Public Intellectuals

The past week I have been mulling over what topics to blog about. The Philippine cyberspace is crowded with voices about the May 2010 elections, and I want to weigh in, beyond the concern I share with friends about the credibility of the whole exercise and the growing anxiety about possible failure of elections. On

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Easter, between Market and Marx

The Easter vigil rites at the Carmelite monastery in Lucena started at 10 pm and ended just past midnight. After the Exultet came the readings, starting with the Creation story in Genesis. Girlie asked in whispers how many readings to expect. We were surprised that the number of readings have been reduced. During the homily,