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Ogori and the May 2010 Elections

Sunday morning in Jakarta is my day for writing the first draft of my evaluation report. I am psyching myself for this, recalling what many prolific writers have told me when I asked them about their methods. “Writers find all possible excuses to avoid writing. Just write.” I don’t. I first read my e-mails. Then

Theology of struggle

Padang Restaurants and Thomas Aquinas in Indonesia

Midnight in Medan, I think back to my two weeks stay in Indonesia, and my neurons establish synapses between padang restaurants and Thomas Aquinas. It was Arthur, my host from the Center for Popular Education, who explained to me the unique feature of a padang restaurant. I had wondered aloud why the waitress did not wait

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9 Ways to Live Longer, Better, Happier

Girlie and I have just been chatting, and she asked about the tips for a healthier life which we had watched sometime back on TED. “I think I read about it in Presentation Zen,” I told her. “But I will check later, to be sure.” That gave me a chance to listen again to the

Alternative Learning Systems

Alternative Learning System: FAQ

Almost every day, when I check the blog stats, the blog post on www.edicio.wordpress.com with the biggest number of visitors is the one on Alternative Learning System or ALS. I am posting this short blog to answer the mounting number of comments, actually queries, on ALS. I apologize to those who have expected individual answers

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Midnight Musings in Jakarta

“If you want to fully understand your own country, you must get to know another country.” This was the advice of his professor to Rey Ileto when he was doing his doctorate, which led to his book Pasyon and Revolution. On my fourth day here in Indonesia, I catch glimpses of the logic of that

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Understand, then act? Act, then understand?

Yesterday at the  workshop of the National Electrification Administration, I was asked to share reflections on their theme for 2010 – “Riding the wave while preserving the legacy,” and also on the idea of “strategic thinking.” I took off from a sign board I had seen near a river in Zamboanga City: “Activists do not

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5 Tips for Starting Your Memoir

At last Saturday’s reunion, Ganito Kami Noon, Karina Bolasco of Anvil publications asked me, “When are you writing something I can publish before I retire?” I promised to write something by next year: “It’s a good target date, since 2011 is 25 years after EDSA 1986.” In the various informal conversations, I mentioned that 1986-2011

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Two Simple Questions That Can Change Your Life

This February, my sister Yen is flying home from Puerto Rico for the anniversary of Inay’s death. She always generously asks what she can bring as pasalubong for me. I usually ask for books that are not yet available in local bookstores. One of the titles I listed is DRIVE, by Daniel Pink. Its subtitle

Family and FriendsRenewing our spirit

2010: Between Honesty and Hope

The first day of 2010 is ends in a few hours. Time enough to post my first blog for the new year. Girlie and I have spent the afternoon watching  a series of TED talks, both serious and funny. It’s our private global conference, the first for the year. Through Facebook, we confirmed our attendance at the