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Between Honesty and Hope 3

When Behn Cervantes was detained with us in Bicutan prison, he mounted a play, a modified version of Aurelio Tolentino’s Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas. Part of the preparations was a series of discussions where he shared his ideas and experiences on theater and the performing arts. I remember one insight he shared now that Girlie

Alternative Learning Systems

Weekend in Zamboanga

Over the weekend, I was in Zamboanga City at the Lantaka Hotel “by the sea” for a Synergeia workshop. Fifty-four prospective Instructional Managers from Jolo, Patikul, and Siasi in Sulu went through the orientation and training that 102 IMs underwent in Cotabato City one week earlier. This August, all of them will organize learning groups

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Transformative Learning

Yesterday afternoon, Girlie and I dropped into the Far Eastern University for the first time. I had been invited to speak at the biennial conference of the Association of Philippine Colleges of Arts and Science. Benilda Villena, VP of Enverga University and our friend from the 70s, is current APCAS president. The theme of the

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Literacy for Empowerment

It’s hard to believe that a week has passed since my last blog posting. That was from Amsterdam, in transit from the board meeting of the Global Campaign for Education. I have just come from a three-day workshop in Cotabato City, for 102 Instructional Managers from the Synergeia project sites in mainland Mindanao. A similar

Alternative Learning Systems

Transit Thoughts in Amsterdam

Thanks for small blessings. I have a few minutes at the KLM lounge in Schipol, and surprise, surprise, there is free internet for 30 minute sessions. Checked my e-mail and here is a short blog. During our board meeting of the Global Campaign on Education (GCE), one item was the theme for the 2009 Global


Last Night in London

Saturday and Sunday, I have been cooped up in the Hotel Barbican for marathon meetings of the board of the GCE – Global Campaign on Education. It’s our first face to face meeting since we got elected last January in Brazil, and our next will be January 2009 in Bangladesh, so we have a full agenda, with more


Early Memories and Stories

Just before flying from Manila, I had 30 minutes of free internet service at the lounge, but the text somehow got lost when I posted it. Am now in transit at the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, and I have another 30 minutes of internet access, though not free; it’s 6 euros. But I thought I should


Turning 65

It is the first hour of July 11, and I am officially 65 years old. I really don’t know at what hour of July 11 I was born in 1943. This is a very short blog. In a few hours I will fly by KLM to London via Amsterdam. The board of the Global Campaign

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Life and Love in a Learning City

This weekend, Girlie, Ayen, and I are in Lucena City for a gathering of the Villariba clan. We are celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary of Cesar Viilariba and Flotilda Collantes – Tatay Iba and Nanay Nene. The 60 years of loving partnership has produced 13 children (Girlie is the second child, the first girl), and

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Good Bye Elma

It’s past midnight. Girlie and I have just walked back to our place from the Claret chapel where we attended the wake of Lota Encio. Tonight was the first time I knew that her baptismal name is Lota. I have known her only as “Elma” of Sarilaya, an organization of grassroots and activist women. There