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The Final RORO

Sunday evening. The PPCRV quick count confirms that the final choice of the Filipino electorate is RORO: Rodrigo-Robredo. I first heard this version of RORO last April. An anti-martial law activist, who knew I was for   Roxas-Robredo, teased me: “I am also for RORO,” he said. “But Rodrigo-Robredo.” Like many activists, we agreed to

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The Other RORO

I started writing this third blog on the night before election day. It is part of my attempt to understand those with whom I disagree – those who prefer the other RORO. The idea of the other RORO comes from a mischievous Facebook post that used the yellow symbol of The Silent Majority to promote

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RORO and Patient Impatience

People have asked me: “What have you learned from the nine years you spent in prison under martial law?” My stand-up comedy answer: Don’t forget to remember not to forget the 11th Commandment – “Thou shalt not get caught!” Joking aside, of the many lessons learned from prison, the one I value most is this:

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RORO: Between Honesty and Hope

“Tatay, bakit hindi ka pa nag-post ng personal declaration mo for Mar and Leni?” My daughter Ayen reminded me three days ago. “Obvious na naman sa mga posts ko sa Facebook,” I said. “Kailangan pa ba?” She persisted: “Sige na, may mga nakikinig sa iyo. Makakadagdag pa rin.” Passionate and public This campaign has engaged

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Remembering Ka Pepe Diokno

Tomorrow, February 27, Ka Pepe Diokno would have turned 94. A few days back, I received this invitation via Facebook:  On the occasion of the 94th Birth Anniversary of the “Father of Human Rights in the Philippines”- the Honorable Jose W. Diokno- the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) will honor his legacy by dedicating and

Family and Friends

How Do We Keep Remembering?

Seven years ago, I remember staying up till early morning in our house in Naujan, struggling to finish a blog. It was about my mother who had just died that noon of February 13, after a lingering illness. I called it “The End of a Long Goodbye.” Tonight, at the same house, I think back

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Art and Self-Confidence

During the Philippine Natural and Organic Products Expo, I was asked to create some line drawings on organic agriculture, for an adult colouring book. At one of the Expo learning sessions, I gave a short talk on the line drawings I made and gave tips on how to color them. For example, don’t fill up

Yaya Dub t Maine
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Yaya Dub and the Lumads

“Tatay, why don’t you blog about Aldub?” Ayen asked me the other weekend, as she and her cousins savoured their kilig experience of Aldub: Sa Tamang Panahon. And also tried to figure out why. That got me reading commentaries and analyses of the “Aldub phenomenon.” The first extended comment I read, and liked, is Michael

Palaza Miranda 1972
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September 21: The Way We Were

Every year, on September 21, we gather to remember the declaration of martial law in 1972. That’s 43 years ago! For a senior citizen, that is more than half of my life. That’s why when I think back by my lonesome, the details blur. Sometimes, even the emotions. It helps to remember in the company of